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Tunes and the tones often pull out the crowd hard at the bpm set by the artist. Mumbai, having a finest collection of Artists and Disc Jockeys, one among those emerging names, lies Deepan D'souza. An Eccentric Disc Jockey, with a fine pinching and taste of Classic Rock and Blues, makes him one of those who stretch for that one extra mile for a difference. He started spinning the turntable at the age of 15. Having a good hand at remixes and pieces which involve classical influences merely from the roots and rock, Deepan surely knows his cup is too hot to handle anything other than the Tea.


Very few make it to the top at the age where people barely walk. He's that one young lad who has been featured at the Digital Gathering Radio Show with a whooping number of 2000+ audience. As we go ahead in deep into the scratches, there's alot that this young gun has set ahead. At a small age where people expect all the glitters and stones, Deepan played at some biggies. To name a few, those were Zouk, Miro Lounge and Boveda. A strong sense of aesthetic and flavourful rum is found in the music of the underground scene in India today. He has heavily joined the ranks of it and continues to maintain his worth ahead

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